Community Members Lined up with Masks

More about the Worcester COVID-19 Survey

The information from this survey will be used to help:

  • Health care and social service organizations understand the experiences and needs of people who live in our community.
  • Health care and social service agencies plan services and make decisions to help people in our community.
  • Public health researchers describe community members’ experiences. These descriptions will be shared with the community and other groups like other researchers and elected officials.

Results will also be shared with you!

This survey has two parts:

Part 1 asks questions about things like COVID-19 symptoms and tests. Even if you have not had any symptoms or tests, your responses are still important.

Part 2 asks questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected things like your job status and your emotional health.

This survey does not:
  • Provide medical or other services.
  • Diagnose COVID-19 or any other medical condition.

The information that you share with us will be summarized, along with the information provided by other people who complete the survey. Individual names or other identifying information will not be included in any reports.